Though the tip remains unconfirmed, OK! has been told by sources close to Lindsay Lohan that the young actress, who recently spent less than 90 minutes in a Los Angeles-area correctional facility, will be eating her Thanksgiving meal in her native New York.

While it’s believed that La Lohan’s return to the East Coast means she’ll be spending time with her estranged mother, Dina, the 21-year-old actress could also be visiting old hometown friends on Long Island.

Lindsay recently patched up her rocky relationship with her ex-con father, Michael, during her extended stay at a Utah rehab facility, and sources have told OK! that the healed bond with her father has only served to push Dina, who has also served as Lindsay’s manager, out of the picture. So hopefully this trip back home means that the young superstar is making headway in having a healthy relationship with both of her parents.

As soon as we have a confirmation (or even a denial) of this information, OK! will let you know.

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