No judge or even the craziest contestant will ever feel quite as daunting again, now that Ryan Seacrest has survived his face-to-face encounter with Gary Busey. Most people would think working for E! on the Academy Awards red carpet would be a safe haven for a friendly interviewer, but most people haven’t met Gary.


Ryan was attempting to interview Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner when Gary shouted at him, “I’ve been looking for you for years,” and seemed ready to approach the Idol host. Ryan deflected the toothsome thespian for a moment, but then he re-entered the scene, giving Laura a kiss-on-the-cheek greeting and a little more to Jennifer—some odd bear hug/kiss-on-the-neck move that left Jennifer admittedly nervous and everyone wondering where hubby Ben Affleck was when we needed him!


To everyone’s relief, Gary eventually moved on, leaving Ryan to reflect, “I have no idea how to explain what’s happening on this carpet right now.” He wasn’t alone.

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