Russell Brand’s been sailing on choppy waters this week.

Just days after he resigned from his high-paid job at the BBC for making ‘indecent’ prank calls, it is being reported that Russell could be about to climb aboard one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

The Brit, who was a controversial choice to host this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, is said to be "thrashing out a deal" to appear as Captain Jack Sparrow’s younger brother in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

According to Britain’s Sun newspaper, the flamboyant actor could be paid up to $8milllion to play alongside Johnny Depp and Keith Richards, who is expected to reprise his role as Sparrow’s dad.

The paper quotes their source as saying: "There couldn’t be a role more perfectly suited. There’s a lot of Jack Sparrow in his mannerisms and behaviour.

"Depp’s accent isn’t a million miles away from Russell’s either.

"Russell joining the Sparrows alongside Johnny and Keith Richards as their dad will complete the ultimate on-screen pirate family."

On Oct. 29, Russell quit his job hosting a late-night show on BBC Radio 2 after the station received thousands of complaints about a broadcast in which he and another BBC star left messages on a 78-year-old actor’s answer machine claiming that Russell had slept with the man’s granddaughter.

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