After an Australian newspaper gossip columnist pointed out Russell Crowe‘s unhealthy ways during a recent bike ride, the Gladiator actor wants to prove he’s still in Spartan form, by issuing a challenge to the writer to duel by bicycle.

Russell was the butt of some teasing when Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph published a column called, “Smokes and fatty foods the fitness regime for Rusty.” Russell was shown stopping during a bike ride with his trainer to grab a quick smoke and afterwards downing three tacos and a soda.

A story published today says Russell’s spokesman called the columnist in question, Annette Sharp, saying, “Get on your bike. Russell wants you to go riding with him. Are you ready to die?”

She accepted, and the pair met a dawn for a 12-mile ride through the city. A video of the encounter shows Sharp struggling to keep going while Russell bikes along effortlessly. Sharp also falls from her bike.

Russell was complimentary when comparing her biking skills to  Australian director Baz Luhrmann. “You’re twice the man Baz is,” he said.

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