If there was one thing wrong with the Wolverine movie, it’s that there just wasn’t enough Ryan Reynolds for our taste.

So we’re delighted to hear that the next X-Men movie is going to be all about him.

Twentieth Century Fox has just announced that it’s developing Deadpool, a spin off about Ryan’s character in Wolverine, reports Variety.

According to the site, Scarlett Johansson’s husband will play Deadpool, the alter-ego of Wade Wilson, a mercenary who, dying of cancer, volunteers for a genetic modification experiment and becomes "an indestructible semi-sane antihero."

It seems that Fox is going X-Men crazy right now. Variety says that they’re already working on a sequel to the Hugh Jackman movie, plus two other X-Men spin offs: Magneto and X Men: First Class.


Isn’t that just a little X-Cessive?

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