Watch out, TV land – two of Hollywood’s most famous blondes are joining forces to develop a new scripted TV show.


TV personality Ryan Seacrest and reigning celebutante Paris Hilton have announced they’re teaming up, along with Paris’ manager Jason Moore, to produce the series. The project came about partly due to the overwhelmingly positive response to Paris’ online clip addressing a John McCain ad linking celebrities to Barack Obama.


"I want America to know I’m like, totally ready to lead," Paris says in the clip, after saying that the ad must mean she’s running for president.


"Paris knows exactly how to have fun with herself. She works hard but doesn’t take herself too seriously," Ryans says to E! News


While Ryan won’t reveal too much about the show, he does offer one hint.


"This show will be loud."


We can’t wait!

Tune-in tonight to E! News (7 p.m. ET/11 p.m. PT) to catch the scoop on the blonde duo’s new show! 

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