If you’r going to be a successful radio and TV personality as well as a producer of popular shows, like Ryan Seacrest, you might just get a little to busy to date, something the media mogul’s mom wishes would change.


"I wish he had more time to date," Connie Seacrest reveals to MomLogic.com. "That would be wonderful for him – and we’d stand a better chance for him to have a relationship. My rule is that you just observe and wait until they ask for your opinion."

So who does she want her super famous son ending up with?


"This would be the package I could see – a woman that would be his best friend, lover and eventually one day the mother of his children."


She also adds that both Ryan and his sister hold their parents’ marriage up as a standard for their own lives.

"I think both of my children want to have this kind of relationship," she says. Ryan realizes he’s got to give more time to a relationship if he wants it to be a lasting one. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!"

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