Get ready to squirm uncomfortably with either shock, horror, delight, laughter or all of the above: Sacha Baron Cohen, the funnyman behind the insanely popular movie and character of Borat, is returning to theaters this summer with more of the same (and more outrageous) giggle-worthy action with new movie Brüno.


As with Borat, Brüno doesn’t quite know how to relate to normal everyday people, and it seems it’ll be these same average joes who will have the toughest time with his fashionista ways and highlighted hair.


The fashion world better watch out too, as the stylista goes where he shouldn’t go and wears Velcro suits where he shouldn’t be wearing Velcro suits. Naturally, hilarity ensues. And only Brüno would tell a couple of drill sergeants that D&G stands for Dolce & Gabbana, "Hellooooo!"


The movie comes out July 10, but you can watch the trailer below now:





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