Sam Lutfi, the one-time confidante of Britney Spears, has agreed to have the restraining order against him… extended.

The order, which forbids Sam from coming within 2 1/2 football fields of the troubled pop star, and from basically having any contact with her, expires on Monday.

Brit’s conservators were ready for another showdown tomorrow to extend the order — but chances are that won’t happen, now that Sam is agreeing to their terms.

The commissioner will sign off on the extension at Monday’s hearing.

So why Sam’s sudden change of heart?

TMZ is reporting that there was a meeting between Lutfi and the conservators last week, and that during the meeting, something occurred that changed Sam’s mind about fighting any future extensions on the restraining order.

Lutfi reportedly believes the extension is a good thing, for both him and Brit.

Uh huh….


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