Just when you thought you’d heard the last of Britney Spears‘ former companion Sam Lutfi, he pokes his head out of the sand.

OK! has confirmed that Brit’s one-time self-described "manager" will be attempting to end his 6-month-long ban from being within 250 yards of the singer.

Sam, who rose from complete obscurity almost a year ago when he quickly became a fixture in the passenger seat of Britney’s Mercedes-Benz, has been under the restrictions of a temporary restraining order since February. That order, which was most recently extended in April, expires on July 31, and Sam’s lawyers will be making their case in an L.A. court on Thursday that it’s time for the ban to be lifted.

In typically overdramatic fashion for Sam, he has refused to have his side of the argument heard by commissioner Reva Goetz, who initially signed off on the order following a request from Brit’s mother Lynne Spears. Instead, the hearing on whether or not to extend the restraining order will be argued before a Judge Bobb.

However, even if Sam’s lawyers are convincing enough to have the order lifted, it’s doubtful that Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, who is still in control of her life for the time-being, will allow him near his daughter. Says the source, "I don’t think Jamie will be calling up ol’ Sammy to come over for a BBQ anytime soon!"

Speaking of Britney and her father, tomorrow is also the date that lawyers for the conservatorship over the singer’s estate and person will all appear before commissioner Goetz to set a date for the trial that will determine if the conservatorship should be made permanent.

Thursday had originally been slated as the start date for the trial, but commissioner Goetz requested more medical and psychiatric evaluation to determine if the pop star is fit to stand trial, so the trial was delayed.

Last month, Sam Ingham, the court-appointed laywer representing Brit, told the commissioner that it would be "harmful" for his client to be involved in any "litigation or depositions" because of her "fluid" state of mind.

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