Sam Rockwell has played many a quirky character in his film career, his role in new movie Choke (based on the book by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk) might just be his quirkiest.


Sam’s Victor Mancini character in the dramedy is a sex-addicted con man who stages chocking scenes in restaurants to get attention, a life Sam tells he wasn’t immediately in tune with.

"Well, I don’t think I’ve ever been one [a sex addict], so it took some work," he jokes. "I couldn’t really identify with what my character was doing at first. I went to some sex addict rehab meetings just to find out more about what these people are all about. I went anonymously and I think I was only outed one time. Thank goodness TMZ didn’t see me."


The reality of life as a sex addict isn’t sex, says Sam, and is actually sad.


"The ultimate effect is what you see in the movie, what a roller coaster ride this guy I play is taking and how numb he gets having sex with random strangers," he reveals. That’s what a lot of sex addicts face searching for escape."


As for all the onscreen sex required to portray the act with random strangers, Sam says he tried to lighten the mood on the set with jokes when filming the intimate scenes with his partners.


"A lot of them were there just for one day to do a sex scene with me so it was like, ‘Hi," and then the director would be saying, ‘Let’s go. We’ve gotta do this.’ And it was over and then it was on to the next one," he tells the magazine. "I personally didn’t have time to get nervous. I was so busy having sex."

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