Lindsay Lohan’s other half, Samantha Ronson, paid a visit to an L.A. hospital over the weekend–reportedly for Hollywood’s standard excuse reason: exhaustion.

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TMZ reports that Linds and Sam went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday for an undisclosed reason. Perhaps she was seeking treatment for a lovers’ quarrel?

An eyewitness tells OK! that Lindsay and Samantha got into a terrible fight at Ecco Lounge and nightclub in Hollywood just prior to the pair showing up at the hospital.

"Samantha ran out the front door and left while Lindsay stayed at the club until 2:30 a.m. in tears," the witness tells OK!.

At any rate, Ronson is now home and back to her usual duties—blogging about her life on My Space.

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The DJ writes:

"Happy Chanukah! Thanks for all your messages, I’m home and all good. was just pretty exhausted from traveling and working too much to buy chanukah gifts and my jewish mother was worried about me. I had good company and a jerry’s deli deivery of chicken soup and potato pancakes and am feeling much better and am back to watching all my favourite jerry bruckheimer shows!"

And there you have it!

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