As The Twilight Saga: New Moon reclaimed its number 1 spot in the domestic box office on Thanksgiving weekend knocking The Blind Side down to number 2, Sandra Bullock stands strong for her comeback this weekend reclaiming the top mark once again according to E! Online.

The Blind Side, rumored to be generating much Oscar buzz for its’ leading lady Sandra Bullock, raked in $20.4 million this weekend, while New Moon only added another $15.7 million to its enormous gross, E! Online reports.

At the $570 million mark in totals according to E! Online, New Moon earned $17.9 million over the holidays alone and has already taken in more than Twilight did in its entire run in theaters.

On the other hand, The Blind Side may have the number one position today, but has totaled out at $130 million not nearly as high as the vampire flick made in its first week alone according to E! Online.

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