Baby fever never seems to fade in Hollywood, but Sandra Bullock is having none of that – she’s happy with her life with husband Jesse James just as it is.


"You don’t have to give birth to someone to have a family. I’m not going to spend two seconds of my life wishing I had something I don’t. It’s hard to do it your way when you hear everyone else telling you to do it their way. I just want people to admit that there’s no one way to live your life," she tells Harper’s Bazaar in their June issue.


Sandra is the first to admit, though, that a baby could be in her future, saying, "Of course, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I could go home today and go, I haven’t started my period."

Either way, hubby Jesse will be there to support her, something she’s still getting used to.


"I’ve had to learn a hard lesson in that I’m not allowed to open car doors anymore. It was so hard for me to allow someone to take care of me," she confesses. "It’s not because I can’t take care of myself. But Jesse was like, ‘Just let me do this.’ "

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