Reality TV’s hottest new power couple, SanJolly — Sanjaya Malakar and Holly Montag from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! — survived life in the jungle with only the occasional bug bite and a little bit of indigestion. (What do you expect when your diet consists of tarantulas, intestinal milk shakes and bull testicles?!) But more importantly, they survived with their friendship still intact.

“I know for a fact our friendship is incredibly strong,” Sanjaya told OK! Wednesday during a phone interview from the Costa Rican set of I’m a Celebrity… “When you’re stuck in the camp with someone 24/7 you definitely get to know them, but it’s a different situation when you’re getting to know someone in their comfort zone and in their environment.”

The lovebirds, who met for the first time only a few weeks ago, after Holly was brought onto the show to replace her big sis, Heidi Montag and her hubby Spencer Pratt, are looking forward to getting to know each other in a slightly more luxurious setting.

“We’re planning on going on vacation to like Hawaii or something,” Sanjaya says. “It would be fun to go back into the jungle and have the luxury of a hotel and to be able to have all the things we wanted that we couldn’t have in the jungle here.”

Sanjaya, who spent his time in the jungle singing some of his favorite tunes and trying to weave a wedding dress for Heidi before being eliminated last night, is looking forward to tonight’s finale episode, when Torrie Wilson faces off against NBA star John Salley and actor Lou Diamond Phillips, who both served as father figures for the American Idol alum during filming.

“It makes it kind of hard but also I know that all three of the people going into the finale have the mindset where l have made it this far and that’s an accomplishment in itself,” he says. “For me, I’m really proud of both of them and it’s really kind of exciting to see them together in the finale.”

A child of divorce (his parents separated when he was a kid), Sanjaya also had some words of advice for reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin, who announced their separation last night on their hit TLC reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8.

"There has to be a time when you can put aside your differences for the kids,” he says, “and I think it’s obvious that both of them love every kid individually and I just hope that they’re able to make sure the kids know that even while they’re going through their own issues.”

By Chris Willard

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