Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have an unconventional but successful union, friends of the couple tell OK!.

Ignoring tabloid reports that Matthew,46, cheated on Sarah,43, with a 25-year old youth counselor, the pair enjoyed a romantic stroll on the beach on July 26, walking hand in hand just like any other couple in love.

"They looked very happy and in love," an onlooker in Amagansett, NY, told OK! of the couple, who have a son James,5.  "They looked totally normal, like nothing was going on."

Rather than acknowledge the rumors of Matthew’s affair, Sarah Jessica’s main focus is finding new talent on her new Bravo reality t.v. show American Artist.

"She was saying that she is confident that it’s going to be bigger than Project Runway," a longtime pal of the Sex and the City star tells OK!.  "She is really looking forward to this show as being a stepping stone to take her career into a different more artistic direction."

Meanwhile, another friend of the couple say that Matthew and Sarah "have never had a conventional marriage, but it totally works for the two of them," The source tells OK!.  "When they are together, they would rather be alone with their son.

"Sure they fight like every other couple,  but they love each other and their little boy. They are so private and hate all this silly gossip. At the end of the day the only opinion Sarah cares about is Matthews and vice versa."

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