All comedians have to put up with a bit of heckling once in a while. But the crowd staging an all-out protest is considered something of a failure.

But that’s what poor Sarah Silverman faced at her British debut over the weekend.

According to a BBC report, fans who paid about £50 ($86) a ticket were disappointed with her performance to begin with — but they were so furious when she left the stage after 40 minutes that they refused to leave the venue, then slow hand-clapped and booed until she came back on stage.


But the star of the Sarah Silverman Show had to admit she didn’t have any more material, and had to resort to a Q&A session, which one reviewer described as "excruciatingly embarrassing".

Unimpressed with her make-shift encore, fans shouted "you’re over-hyped Sarah" and "I’ve seen longer clips on YouTube", before the star told the audience to "go home", according to the report.

Then, according to a critic from London’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, Jimmy Kimmel’s on-and-off girlfriend went "skipping away in near-disgrace".


After Sarah’s hilarious The Great Schlep video, encouraging Jewish Barack supporters to fly to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for him, it seems like Sarah’s been on good form lately.


So was something lost in the translation? Or is her bumpy romance with Jimmy getting to her?

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