Nearly a month after it’s release, Audrina Patridge’s first horror movie, Sorority Row, has failed to set box offices alight and has met with, er, “mixed” reviews from critics.

So when OK! got the chance, we asked a real master of the genre what advice he could give The Hills star for her next attempt at terrorizing audiences — and if you’ve ever seen the Saw movies, you’ll know that they don’t come much more terrifying than Tobin Bell, who plays the sadistic John “Jigsaw” Kramer in the series.

The good news for Audrina is that it sounds like her background in “reality” television should stand her in good stead for horror acting.

“It’s all about creating reality,” says Tobin. “You’re using the same techniques and the same tools as any actor. You’re trying to create a sense of truth.”

“You try to portray the character you are playing with as much truth as you possibly can,” said Bell.

Come to think of it, that sounds EXACTLY like her work on The Hills

Saw 6 opens October 23th.

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