Aiming to integrate a bit of Scandinavian culture (and materialism) into Hollywood, a very wealthy Scandinavian couple is hosting their second Scandinavian Style Mansion soiree in Hollywood tonight. Their host- La Lindsay Lohan.

I went to this couple premiere party a few months ago. It was hosted by Sharon Stone but although she’s for all intents and purposes a very famous movie star, all anyone heard about after the affair- was that Britney Spears was there. The party actually turned into Brit’s impromptu birthday party when she waltzed in unannounced – and virtually sat next to me. Paris Hilton got her fair share of fanfare when she arrived at the party a bit later.

Paris is expected to attend again. Can’t wait for a first-hand view of the chemistry (or lack-thereof) between her and latest boy-toy Benj Madden.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, a look back at a photo I took the last time I attended a party thrown by this most interesting Scandinavian couple. Wonder who’s going to be tonight’s unexpected posse du jour. Wouldn’t mind a repeat performance if dad lets Britney out to play.

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