Here’s some hot scoop for yah, right off the Britney Spears Circus tour!

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls – the group is currently touring as Britney’s opening act – has just made a little detour in Llanview for a guest spot on the long-running soap One Life to Live.

Nicole and the Dolls arrive at Llanview High to perform their version of A. R. Rahman’s award-winning song “Jai Ho” after the school wins a concert by the group.

According to a source on set, Nicole has some fun and flirty banter with Matthew Buchanan (Edie Alderson) on screen.

“Nicole had a very bad cold” while shooting her lines, the source continued, but she soldiered through the scenes and is expected to appear tonight with the rest of the group for their second performance at New York City’s Nassau Coliseum.

Hmmm, maybe Britney will pop up in Llanview soon, too!

Look for Nicole to make her OLTL debut May 13 on ABC.

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