If something’s worth doing once, it’s worth trying again. At least, that seems to be the way John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston feel about their relationship.

They split in August after an intense, four-month romance — but just couldn’t keep away from each other. Now they’re back on, and already look as close as ever.

The reunion was a shock to fans. But most of us have been there: even after a messy break-up, there’s always that moment when you think about about picking up the phone and calling your ex, just to see if you really did make the right decision.

But is it the smart move, or just a moment of weakness?

Here OK! takes a look back at the celeb couples who’ve gone back for a second shot at happiness, from Leo and Bar Refaeli to Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton.

Find out which ones have made it stick, and which ones have just let themselves in for another helping of heartbreak.

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