My DVR is going into overdrive tonight trying to keep up with all the finales! Along with the series end of HBO’s Extras and the live reveal of the winner of Survivor: China, one charismatic serial killer might see his bloody reign come to end as Dexter, season two, races to its stunning conclusion.

“It’s gonna come to a head between Dexter and [Sgt.] Doakes, and I think it’s going to go down big,” says C.S. Lee, who plays Dexter’s blood-loving forensics colleague Vincent Masuka. Obviously, Dexter senses that too since he’s been getting his affairs in order. C.S. believes that if Dexter is a goner, he will be missed. “We’re forensics buddies, and I know he gets a kick out of my oddballness,” C.S. says. “I give him a hard time being so by the book all the time, but I think it’s a good compliment to one another.”

Don’t start writing Dexter’s obituary just yet! While it’s still unofficial, Showtime has hinted there will be another season of the killer crime series. “They have to have a season three, if they know what’s good for them,” C.S. jokes. “Dexter is a big workhorse for them, and it’s been getting a lot of good press,” including a Golden Globe nomination for its title star, Michael C. Hall. “He’s a fantastic actor,” C.S. says.   

Another year of Masuka being a total horn dog? Just blame his hormone-raging behavior on the stars. “It’s probably because he’s a Scorpio,” says C.S. “I have many guy friends who are Scorpios, and I can say some of their behavior is exactly like Masuka’s. It’s in the blood.”

Dexter would know a thing or two about that!

Dexter, season finale, airs Sunday, December 16 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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