All TV actors know there’s one rule you don’t break: You’re not allowed to give away the plot!

So OK!’s Oliver Coleman may have accidentally got Jerry Ferarra – who plays Turtle in the HBO hit Entourage – in a little bit of trouble.

Bad for him, great for us!

When we talked to him recently, Jerry was so excited about the upcoming season that he couldn’t help but blab just a little bit about the adventures of movie star Vince Chase and his hangers-on.

"There’s big changes for all the characters this year," Jerry spilled. "The movie that we basically put our lives into, Medellin, was kind of a bomb at the Cannes Film Festival and it pretty much picks up this year with the aftermath of that.

"The guys are very much in trouble financially, it’s not like the old Entourage where they had everything at their finger tips. I mean they do still have their normal connections, but it’s a little bit of a struggle,” Jerry continued. “My character goes out and gets a job for an episode."

Jerry digs that the new season shows the guys sticking together as a family, in the good times and the bad.

“Like Turtle would still be with Vince everyday, even if Vince was a garbage man," he shared. "This is where you really get to see the loyalty of the show."

We kinda dropped Jerry in it a few days later when we got chatting to Kevin Connolly at the Shrine nightclub at the MGM Grand in Foxwoods, Ct., and tried to squeeze just a little more info from the co-star. But Kevin was being a lot more cautious.

"I’m trying to think what I can say without getting myself in trouble," said Kevin, who plays Eric, Vincent’s best friend and manager. "Because I’ve gotten into trouble before!"

Just to give him a tiny little nudge, we might have said that Jerry told us Vince’s new movie bombs.

"He said that! I can’t believe he told you that!"


But with the cat well and truly out of the bag, Kevin thought he may as well give us his take on the new season, which returns to HBO in September.

"Ok, well if he said it… The film doesn’t do well and [Vince’s] career is at a low, and in the immortal words of Ari Gold, he’s in ‘movie jail,’" Kevin revealed. "So it’s all about getting his career back on track."

Sorry, Jerry! We didn’t know we weren’t supposed to know! (But we’re glad we did!)


Catch back-to-back encore episodes of Entourage, Season 3: Part 2, and Season 4 on Fridays beginning July 4 at 10 p.m. on HBO.


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