After five nights of sobriety, just because, last night I decided to have a cocktail, just because, because I can and have no reason not to – unlike some other people I heard and saw out sipping – THE BOSTON CELTICS. Need I remind you that the Boston Celtics are currently in the highly competitive NBA Finals against the LA Lakers and they have a game TONIGHT! It was just about 9pm when I arrived at the pinkisthenewblog re-launch party at S Bar when I was told the Celtics dined at Eva Longoria’s nearby restaurant Beso (wonder if they’re friends with her NBA hubby Tony Parker), and then went next door to Eva’s lounge Kiss to indulge in more libations! WHO drinks before a potentially life-changing game? I told my friend to go back to the bar and buy the Celtics a round of shots.

My next stop was Chris Evans birthday at the Stone Rose in the Sofitel Hotel where a friend who’s a die-hard Lakers fan told me some Celtics were on their way! Sure enough, at nearly midnight some Celtics, including forward Brian Scalabrine, hit the Wednesday night hotspot. Rather than be scathing that the enemy were about to enter their lair, my friends were thinking along the same lines as me – Shots!

Just over three hours until game time, here’s hoping that the Celtics got their drink on enough that their game’s off. Yes, I’m a proud Angelino now. 😉 xoxo

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