Although Sex and The City may be the number one movie in the country, topping the box office with $55.7 million, its star Sarah Jessica Parker is fuming about the dress she wore to the film’s premiere.

Sarah Jessica was promised by Nina Ricci designer Olivier Theysken that the sparkly dress had never been worn before. Well, it turns out not worn actually meant worn twice before!

It was worn last month by socialite Lauren David Santo Domingo to the Met Costume Ball, where Lauren’s date was Olivier. So, either he’s got short term memory or he was hoping that Sarah Jessica didn’t see the pics from the event.

To make matters worse, Lindsay Lohan was photographed by paparazzi wearing the dress for a photo shoot.

Sarah Jessica addressed the issue, telling the New York Times, “In the big picture, this is not important, but there is a relationship between the entertainment industry and fashion. We’ve watched sales dwindle and we’ve watched people be less inclined to spend money on clothes.”

“Look, my affection for the dress hasn’t changed,” she continued, "I just wish it had been handled differently and they had been straight about it.”

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