In the wake of reports that Shania Twain‘s 14-year marriage to record producer Mutt Lange ended because he left the country superstar for another woman, that other woman has finally decided to speak to defend herself.

Talking to E! News from her hom in Geneva, Switzerland, on Thursday morning, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a longtime secretary and house manager at Shania and Mutt’s Swiss estate said, "When marriages break up, they break up for all sorts of complicated reasons, it’s never just one. And those reasons should be kept private."

Responding directly to rumors that she is directly responsible for the split, Thiébaud claimed, "If you’re looking for a person that broke up a marriage then you have the wrong person. I’m not that person."

And while reports allege that she and Mutt are now officially an item, Marie-Anne would only comment that she no longer works at the family estate. "I’m retired," she said.

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