Nearly a year after filing divorce papers, Pro-basketballer Shaquille O’Neal and his wife, Shaunie, have reconciled. In a new interview with Extra, Shaunie says getting back together was the right thing to do.

"Things are great and we’re moving on to the good stuff..We’ve both learned a lot and know that our family comes first and that’s the main thing for both of us."

She continues, "I’m learning that all marriages have bumps in the road. And learned that communication is the key to marriage and in the midst of this and that and everything that was going on, you tend to lose that part of it…And I think that was probably our main issue at the time.

The couple announced their separation last fall after five years of marriage and four children. The Miami Heat star was said to be devastated by the pending divorce.

Shaunie admits the bad times are past and that they couldn’t be happier. "We love each other to death…We are a great family together and nothing apart."

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