Shortly after the news broke that Leona Lewis had been attacked at a book signing in London, OK! spoke to Sharon Osbourne, who didn’t believe the news at first. “Leona? Leona Lewis?” Sharon repeated when OK! asked if she’d heard about the assault.

When we confirmed it was indeed, Leona, Sharon fumed, “He should have the sh*t kicked out of him for that.”

“She is the most loveliest, genuine person ever,” Sharon adds. “She’s not got an ego and she’s an absolute delight as a young woman.”

The perpetrator better not think twice about running if he should encounter Sharon!

“If I saw him, I would kick the sh*t out of him,” Sharon promised OK!. “He should be very worried.”

The attacker reportedly hit Leona in the face as she was in the middle of signing books for fans.

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