Shawn Wayans and his brother Marlon are so tight, they named their sons after each other.

“It was a deal we made when we were kids,” Shawn, 38, tells me. “I named my kid Marlon, and he named his son Shawn. What’s strange and funny, though, is my kid looks just like me and his kid looks just like him. It’s awkward, but it was a deal we made when we were six-years-old and I’m glad we made it.”

Shawn’s son, Marlon, is a terrible two. “He is destroying my house by drawing on my couches and breaking all my stuff. He draws stuff for me and shows it to me. There’s a nice picture he made for me, but it’s on my couch!”

Shawn, who also raises daughters Laila, 8, and Illia, 4, with girlfriend Ursula, enjoys being a dad. “Waking up every day and seeing three different versions of yourself is great,” he says. “Watching them grow and learn and being a part of completing a human being is beautiful. I see so many things that I’ve taught my oldest daughter and she’s learned — and that her mom has taught her — from day one. It’s beautiful to watch.”

The whole family worked together on Wayans Family Presents: A Boo Crew Christmas, which is inspired by feel-good cartoons like Fat Albert and Charlie Brown. “It’s very positive, it’s very funny, it’s multicultural and it’s educational,” Shawn says.

The brothers have a blast working together. “They’re my best friends. We have great chemistry and we have a great time. It’s fun.”

Wayans Family Presents: A Boo Crew Christmas is out on DVD now.

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