In the aftermath of her DUI arrest last Saturday in Venice, Ca., Shayne Lamas speaks out about her irresponsible behavior. The 24-year-old starlet of the E! Network reality series Leave it to Lamas explains to OK! just why she thought it was alright to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking.

“Of course drinking and driving is absolutely absurd and I do not condone it,” Lamas reveals to OK! while perusing gifts at the American Music Awards  Luxury Lounge.  “But when you are out with friends and you have one drink, you think that you are okay. Everybody does it…”

After enduring a situation that Shayne describes to reporters as, “really traumatic for me,” the former Bachelor competitor reassures us that she has most definitely learned her lesson.

“Now you have to think that one drink is one too many and if you are going to bring alcohol up to your lips, don’t drive. End of story,” Lamas explains to OK! while out on Friday afternoon.

As for the future, Shayne tells reporters, “I am my biggest punisher and I have just been dealing with it myself.”

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