Perhaps Shayne Lamas should have put “no drama” on her birthday list. While partying with her family on Nov. 9 (her real birthday is Nov. 6) at Hollywood hot spot Katsuya, the Leave It to Lamas star was feted with presents, sushi and one heck of a blowup she told OK! — over cupcakes of all things. Ten minutes into the celebration, two of her father Lorenzo Lamas‘ youngest girls, Victoria and Isabella (with ex-wife Shauna Sand), smeared frosting on each other’s cheeks. But when Shayne’s brother, A.J. Lamas got involved, launching the cakes at his half-sisters, dad Lorenzo stormed out — with his sticky youngest daughters trailing behind him.

Thankfully, the b-day girl took it all in stride. “This is how it always is — crazy and fun,” she told OK!, laughing. “I’m happy that my dad and brother can sit together at a dinner. At least they were in the same room!”

Airborne dessert is probably the least-sour issue between Shayne’s brother and father, what with the rumor that Lorenzo ended his six-year marriage to Shauna in 2002 because A.J., then 18, had slept with his stepmom.

It’s a scandal Shauna has denied and one that Lorenzo seems to be trying to forget.

“I know they’ve run into each other at clubs,” the patriarch told OK! about his son and his ex before the fight broke out. “It could have happened. I mean, I try not to think about it. I’m just working on developing a nurturing relationship with my son.”

And they’re making progress: The two just got back from Jamaican getaway.

For her part, Shayne — who you might recall as the woman who stole Matt Grant‘s heart in season 12 of The Bachelor (Matt and Shayne broke up in July 2008; “I wish him the very best,” she says) — is working on relationships of her own.

“He’s pretty much my dream guy,” she says of a mystery man she is kinda, sorta seeing. “But we look at situations differently…He’s ready to get married and I’m not.”

Shayne may (or may not) be back on the market, but don’t expect her to broadcast her search on TV anytime soon.

“I will never do The Bachelorette,” she says. “Never! If I date a man who does The Bachelorette, shoot me!”

And will E! greenlight a second season of Leave It to Lamas?

“We’re waiting to see what happens,” she says. “If it’s in the cards, we will rally behind it.”

By Ashley Muldoon

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