Kim Vo, who is all about getting up in Britney Spears ‘ hair, takes on a new role as judge on the hair-raising reality competition Shear Genius.

If the pop princess’ new, improved attitude has left Kim with a yearning for drama, he didn’t have to go far. These Shear Genius contestants let their most cutting moments take place far from the stylist chair.

"Let’s just say in the future I am going to recommend a hot tub at the house," Kim teases. Lather and rinse!

During the challenges, Kim expected the contestants to deliver him nothing but the best. "I was looking for a true, clean message from their styles, meaning what they say to what they do transforms into the art work of the hair," he explains. "If I tell you I am going to do blonde highlights and then all of a sudden I do red, it doesn’t convey the image of your hair fantasy."

Well Kim, if you want to work out my hair fantasy, call me anytime!

Shear Genius, the new season, starts Wednesday, June 25 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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