I love me some hair (as you can probably tell by the ever-changing styles I sport in pics on this blog).

So I was definitely down for attending the Nexxus Shear Genius 2 Finale viewing party, held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel Wednesday night.

Winner Denise "Dee" Adames was flying high after collecting her $100,000 prize, and told me which celeb she’d really like to take her scissors to.

Courtney Love,” declared Dee. “I would soften up that blonde. It’s a little too chemically dependent.”

Courtney won’t have to wait too long for her transformation. Dee is planning to open a hair studio in Florida.

“It’s called Dee&L hair studio. The doors should be open by the holidays,” she said.

Winning the competition wasn’t too much of a surprise for Dee, who says she felt confident from the first day.

“I had that feeling, when I won the blind-fold challenge,” she said. “It’s what I envisioned through the whole competition.”

Luckily she kept on her game face for one last challenge at the viewing party. Dee, and her fellow finalists, Charlie and Nicole, had 20 minutes to cut the hair of three women who were donating their chopped strands to Locks of Love, an organization which creates wigs for cancer survivors.

A great haircut for a worthy cause? Now that’s sheer genius!


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