During her performance at Sunday night’s Democratic National Convention opener, Green Sunday at Red Rocks, Sheryl Crow explained why she is supporting Barack Obama for president.

"We’ve lost the ability to be inspired," she told Extra. "And he’s stepped up. We are finally inspired by the words that he’s saying."

The nine-time Grammy winner said she feels celebrity has become a "derogatory term"–one that she prefers not to associate herself with.


"I like to think of myself as an artist and a songwriter and I feel like my voice is better utilized if I’m encouraging people to excercise their right and their freedom to vote safely in this country," she says. "To please get registered and make their voice heard rather than endorse a candidate."

Sheryl continues, "Obviously I’m here supporting Senator Obama…But more than that for me it’s just important that people just get out and be part of the system."

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