I’m always game for a good TV quartet. Think Sex and the City, EntourageCarpoolers? The new ABC series, premiering Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC, is a show about four guys who take turns driving their carpool to and from work. There’s no Manolos or VIP red carpets here, just four suburbanites dealing with their professional and personal lives while trying to find a good driving song on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. These guys are from stereotypical stock: the hen-picked dad, the picket-fence newlywed, a recently divorced guy and the man who just wants his grown son to grow up. The comedy is more physical than cerebral — one of the guys gets hit by suit-wearing, sushi-eating rival carpoolers while he’s trying to hold a parking space. But it’s the kind of dumb and non-threatening comedy that can be mindless enough to kill 27 minutes while you’re waiting for Dancing With the Stars to come on. Being a girl, it’s always fascinating to hear what comes of out men’s mouths when they aren’t surrounded by estrogen. It’s pretty ironic that Jerry O’Connell, who stars as Laird, a divorced dentist on the prowl, actually got the job because his wife, Ugly Betty’s Rebecca Romijn, wanted him to do a comedy. “She says I’m funny,” he says. Ah, the secret to maintaining a happy marriage is a little laughter.


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