Lipstick Jungle is the story of three powerful 30-to-fourtysomething women leaning on one another in good times and bad. Sound familiar? It should. LJ (that’s what I’m dubbing it) is a continuation of sorts of that TV phenomenon Sex and the City, also authored by SATC creator Candace Bushnell. That’s why I, and about a gazillion other SATC fans, are expecting a lot from this new series. To be honest, it’s got a way to go.


The stories are there: Movie executive Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields) is trying to find her Zen between work and her home life; magazine editor Nico O’Neilly (Kim Raver) is in a marriage that’s lost its passion, so she takes on a majorly hot younger lover (played by hunky model/actor Rob Buckley, read more about him here) and fashion designer Victory Ford (Lindsay Price) is just trying to keep her head and her business afloat.


A lot of plot points roll out in the first episode, which makes the show feel more like a soap opera and slows the pace. Brooke, Kim and Lindsay still seem to be sorting out their onscreen chemistry, so their trio scenes don’t exactly ring genuine yet. One reason you should tune in is to see ’80s icon Andrew McCarthy, who looks as good as he did when he starred in the 1985 cult classic St. Elmo’s Fire, play a surly billionaire who falls hard for Victory.


LJ is going to have to fight to be the king of the ratings jungle, but I have high hopes it will survive.


Lipstick Jungle premieres Thursday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. on NBC.


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