I’m a sucker for shows like What Would You Do? and True Beauty, series that test the kindness of our fellow human beings.

Count Oxygen’s new reality series, Pretty Wicked, among the group.

Women who proudly admit they use their feminine wiles to get whatever they want are given the chance to let their inner beauty shine through challenges.

The show does make one one major detour from the standard formula.

From the moment the gals, who believe they are competing in the next Hollywood "It" girl competition, arrive to live together in the house, they are told they are actually there to overhaul their diva behavior.

Most of the time, the test of a person’s moral compass is kept secret until after the task is complete.

I was a little confused on what would be the motivation for these girls to stay and play.

Sure, there’s a cash prize for the last woman standing.

But since most of them already claim they can get whatever they want, they don’t really need the money.

Some people just like to win, no matter what the competition is about.

Whatever the reason that’s keeping them there after the revelation doesn’t really come across in the first episode.

I’m pretty sure as the competition moves forward, some of the girls will start to uncover the reasons behind their selfish ways.

And through that process, some will genuinely try to reinvent a kinder, gentler version of themselves.

That’s when it will get really interesting.

Pretty Wicked premieres Tuesday, March 31 at 11 p.m. on Oxygen.

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