Jack Davenport must really like sex.



The British thesp. did time on the UK hit, Coupling, a show about nothing but sex.

Now he’s back at it again, starring, in Swingtown, which follows the steamy, swinging lives of couples in the seventies.

It’s Fourth of July, 1976, when Susan and Bruce Miller decide to upgrade their family to a more affluent Chicago suburb.

They leave behind their bestest friends, ultra-conservative housewife Janet Thompson and her hen-picked, sex-starved hubby, Roger (played by Pepper Dennis alum and cutie Josh Hopkins. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he’ll be sneaking off to try in the next few episodes!)

The Millers’ new neighbors, airline employees Tom and Trina Dexter, are always interested in inducting new members in the mile-high club.

Susan and Bruce married right out of high school and as Susan points out, she’s never been with anyone else. So they are ripe for the picking when the Dexters offer them a night of naughtiness. Do they or don’t they? Even I was left with an uncertain picture of whether the fireworks were flying inside as well as out.

Sex in Swingtown isn’t just regulated to adults. There’s the Millers’ daughter, Laurie, who’s quickly realizing that sex with love is not a guarantee. And there’s the Thompson’s son, who looks at girlie nudie mags, but I have a sneaking feeling he’s more interested in the boys he’s checking them out with.

The show seems to want to explore very modern day dilemmas of sexuality in a past setting. I don’t know if it’s a something I’d want to make a long commitment to, but I’d certainly come back for a few more quickies.

Swingtown premieres on Thursday, June 5 at 10 p.m. on CBS.


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