If one thing has stayed the same over the years of American Idol, it’s that Simon Cowell is as outspoken as ever. The AI judge, who vehemently claims he’s not leaving the show, sat down with t.v.’s Extra, where he shared his views on who he thinks has a serious chance of winning this season. "Seventeen-year-old kid, David Archuleta. He’s cute. He’s likeable. He has a big voice. He’s the one to beat," Cowell says.

As for other "contestants" he thinks will win this year, Cowell has no qualms discussing politics. Cowell equates his show with the presidential race, saying "It’s a bit like watching American Idol. You cry. You get the votes. It’s a popularity competition."

Cowell continues, "I think he’s (Barack Obama) is terrific. He’s like a pop star. Anyone who can draw 25,000 people to hear a speech about politics is a star."

But when the conversation turns to another "star" who has also been drawing hoards of people to her side lately, Cowell says that if he was asked to help Britney Spears re-launch her career, he would decline. "I couldn’t be bothered to be honest…It’s time for somebody new. It’s just too complicated."

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