It's easy to forget Astro is only 14 years-old on the X Factor but the aspiring rapper dished about his tantrum and sit down with Simon Cowell.

He explained, "Simon tweeted it, but yeah. It was just a meeting to get everyone out of the way about last week. I told him how I felt, he told me how he felt. It's over. It's wish wash now. You know, that's the past."
To keep moving forward, Astro told OK!, "He told me to just keep my head up and be humble. I am going to try to do that. Me and Simon are cool now. There is no beef between us."
Considering last night's episode was all about giving thanks, he mentioned, "I am thankful for my fans, my mom, my step pops, my sister and God." 
Although a double elimination scares him and "sounds very nerve-wracking," it is what it is. He adds, "I went out there and I did my best and I am happy with the performance." If Astro is in the bottom again, he indicates he would react by just performing again. "I got a new save me song, so I would just perform again!"
Reporting by Gena Oppenheim

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