Three delayed flights, on canceled flight, one lost suitcase and a deceased blackberry later, I’m back where I started, in LA. After re-routing to NYC and spending the night (well, a few hours) at my old apartment there, I went to the airport to retrieve my luggage before finally boarding a flight to St. Maarten and was told my luggage was so misplaced it wasn’t even in the system! I decided to go anyway. Then the flight was delayed, first an hour, then more. The ticket agent said my luggage may still be in LA, or Miami, or possibly St. Maarten. In the meantime I heard a final boarding call for a flight to LA at the next gate. I made a quick decision to cut my losses and asked to get on that plane instead.

Now, back in LA during a Grammy weekend I hadn’t planned for, I’m off to a Ne-Yo Grammy party at Kress to drown my sorrows in TY KU sake before a birthday party at Crown Bar. I feel like the last 36 hours have been a series of Sliding Doors moments, guess it’s time to go see what’s on this side of the door for me 😉 xo

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