Saturday Night Live funnyman Fred Armisen and actress wife Elisabeth Moss enjoyed a date night out during Saturday’s SAG Awards.

When she joined the cast of Mad Men onstage to accept the award for best drama series – ensemble, he cheered her on to victory. They cuddled as former SNL stars Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon stopped by to share their congratulations.

The couple, who wed in October, still have that newlywed glow.

“People say married life is different and you don’t believe it until you actually do it, and it is different – in the best way,” Elisabeth, 27, says. “It’s a sense of calmness that you get that’s really lovely. It’s a wonderful thing.”

What’s so great about being wed to Fred, 43?

“He does romantic things every day,” she says. “He’s the funniest person alive. He’s even funnier at home, so we’re constantly laughing. I consider myself so lucky. I get to laugh all the time and he does things – I don’t even know how he comes up with them.”

What’s the best part?

“I think I like it when people say I’m Fred’s wife,” she laughs. “I think it sounds cool.”

Are kids in their future?

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Elisabeth tells me. “Of course. One day, I’m sure. We’ll see. I’ve got time.”

What’s her secret weapon?

“The Victoria’s Secret bra that goes seven ways,” she says. “I think that’s pretty revolutionary.”

Anything else?

“I really like Chanel Glossimers,” she says. “Any color is beautiful, and any color works. You can get any one, and you can wear nothing else, and it looks great.”

Here are my pix with former cast members Molly and Amy, with current SNL star Seth Meyers.


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