Kate Beckinsale stars as a woman trying to flee from her crazy ex in Snow Angels, which is in theaters Friday. Amy Sedaris and Olivia Thirlby also experience the gritty side of love in the drama.

“If my best friend had an affair with my husband, I don’t know how I’d deal with it,” Amy tells me. “So many things would factor in. I’d be like ‘isn’t he fat? Or is it my imagination and he wasn’t as fat as I thought he was?’”

How would she ditch a dangerous relationship?

“Just not getting into it in the first place,” she says. “I know I have poor judgment in relationships, therefore I’m not even open to seeing anybody because that part of me’s not going to change.”

Olivia, who also played Ellen Page’s best friend in Juno, would leave — pronto — before it’s too late.

“Break up with him. It’s pretty simple. Don’t put up with someone who doesn’t treat you right. Everybody deserves the best. It’s easier to jump ship than to stick it out.”

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