Solange Knowles may have a famous family, but that doesn’t keep her from being a regular mom to her 3-year-old son Julez.


The "Sandcastle Disco" singer admits that she lets certain rules slide, like her son’s 8:30 bedtime.


" I get home by six sometimes, so I want him to stay up and hang out with me,” she says in an interview in "Moms Working It," one episode in a series spotlighting famous moms on GlamourTV.


Although she might let her son get away with staying up late, she finds herself resorting to a "mom catchphrase" when she does have to discipline him. Her pick? 


"The counting of three system," she says with a laugh. "I’m always like, ‘one, two, three’…like I’m scaring someone!"


And as for that famous family of hers, she says when they all get together during the holidays they spend time freestyle rapping.


"Matthew Knowles and Beyonce, and me and my mom and now my son can join in," she says.“It’s really bad.”


For more Solange, catch the rest of her interview, airing today on GlamourTV.

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