Finding Carter CastMTV’s new series Finding Carter packs a serious dramatic punch from week one but the show isn’t only groundbreaking in the sense that its child abduction storyline is topical and intense, it’s also unlike almost anything else on TV because the cast is comprised mostly of women. At the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Alexis Denisof was the only dude onstage for the Finding Carter panel, and its stars and producers think that’s pretty cool.

“In so much TV and film you see women that kind of…a lot of time they’re the secondary characters,” says Kathryn Prescott, who plays Carter. “If they are main characters, their storyline is very often directly related, or they are only there because of their relation to a male lead.”

Clearly that is so far from the case in Finding Carter.

“You don’t often see women’s relationships with each other as central as central as women’s relationships with the men in their lives,” says Kathryn. “I think that’s what’s great about this is that you see Carter and you see her two mothers and her sister, it’s very much about her relationship to them and her relationship with boys, which she does come into it eventually, but it’s not like the central storyline. It’s very secondary.”

Finding Carter airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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