It’s been over two years since Sophia Bush split from Chad Michael Murray, and while he has moved on to another girl — he’s engaged to Kenzie Dalton — Sophia is still happily single.

So what does a guy need to do to win her heart?

"[He’s] got to make me belly-laugh," Sophia tells OK! at the Global Green Pre-Oscar party. "I do ridiculous things to make myself laugh all the time."

A sense of humor is not the only thing on the checklist for the One Tree Hill star though. The 25-year-old, who’s been linked to her other Hill co-star James Lafferty, also needs a "driven, motivated and smart" guy.

"Intellect is the sexiest thing in the world to me," Sophia says, but adds, "you’ve still got to make me laugh."

And since she’s an avid environmentalist, could she ever date someone who wasn’t green?

"I can’t imagine dating someone who wasn’t because I would be up in his face about it all the time."

By David Lasky

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