James Gandolfini has returned to HBO as the executive producer of a new documentary, Alive Day Memories; Home From Iraq. Featuring 10 young soldiers and Marines who were severely injured in Iraq, the survivors discuss their disabilities, their military experiences and their hopes for the future.

Only knowing James from his role of mob boss Tony on The Sopranos, it was strange to see the hulking actor live up to his press shy reputation, choosing instead to mingle quietly with the young veterans featured in the film during its premiere screening at the Morgan Library and Museum in Midtown Manhattan. But his former castmates eagerly spoke on why it was so important for James to bring this project to light.

"Couple of years ago we went down to Washington D.C. to the hospital to visit these guys and it kind of breaks your heart,” said Vincent Pastore. “I’m here to support and show there’s more to the world than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan." With Tony Sirico, Aida Turturro, Steve Buscemi and Edie Falco also in attendance, it was a mini-Sopranos reunion, a nice moment for show’s mafia queen. “It’s not so much about missing the show as it is the people, and here they are,” Edie shared.

Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq, airs Sunday, Sept. 9 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

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