Rap star Soulja Boy was arrested in Georgia last night after authorities say he fled from a police officer, TMZ reports. According to a police spokesperson, a call came in about juveniles hanging out at an abandoned house, including Soulja Boy, real name Deandre Cortez Way.

When an officer arrived at the location, he reportedly saw women walking towards the yard and told them to stop — they didn’t, so he followed them into the yard.

The officer says he saw around 40 people hanging out in the yard, and upon seeing the cop, half of those people ran from the home, Soulja Boy included. Those remaining at the party claimed they were there for a music video shoot.

Soulja Boy returned to the scene, says the officer, to pick up his Range Rover, which resulted in his arrest for obstruction of justice, a misdemanor.  — and that’s when he was arrested for obstruction of justice … a misdemeanor. He was taken to jail and released.

Another man ended up being arrested for forgery, as cops tell TMZ the suspect had eight fake $100 bills.

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