A source close to 20-year-old High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens confirms to OK! that the newest batch of scandalous nude pics claiming to be of her are real… but that they’re also really old.

The pics, which first surfaced on WWTDD.com on Wednesday morning, show Vanessa taking snapshots of herself in various forms of undress with her cell phone camera.

“Those shots are from the same time as the original ones,” the source tells OK!, referring to the leaked nude photos of Vanessa that swarmed the Internet in Sept. 2007. Of course, since those pics are of a pre-18 Hudgens, that would make it illegal to post or print in most countries.

One clue that these latest pics aren’t exactly current: You can see in the reflection that Vanessa appears to be using a Motorola Razr phone as her camera of choice. And no celebrity of Vanessa’s caliber has carried a Razr in at least three years!

By the end of the day on Wednesday, most sites which had re-posted the pics have been ordered to take them down by lawyers for Hudgens.

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