After a lengthy 15-month marriage, golfer Greg Norman and tennis player Chris Evert have separated, according to the UK’s Daily Mail Online. The two were married last year in the Bahamas after having an affair that reportedly ended both of their previous marriages.

When the two 54-year-olds were married last year Chris said, “At our age, over 50, it’s not like you’re 18. Both of us have lived long enough to know what we’re doing.”

Friends of the pair said they split because they are both “too set in their ways” and that they lived separately because they couldn’t agree on where to live.

Other reports suggest Norman’s children, 26-year-old Morgan and 23-year-old Greg are somewhat to blame.

Norman’s 59-year-old ex-wife, Laura Andrassy, says her children, “Did not like Evert at all.”

She also gave a piece of her mind and said, “Here were two people very much alike — high-profile and narcissistic — and that would make a relationship difficult.”

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